Enzo Surin Silon (Poetry 2012) has two poems in the Summer 2021 issue of Spoon River Poetry Review: “How to Craft an American Scapegoat” and “Interrogating Past & Future Constellations.” He also has two poems in the current issue of Bear Review: “Elegy for the American Dream” and “American Testimony.”

Suzanne E. Edison (Poetry, July 2016) has a poem, “After My Last Breath” in the Fall 2021 Crone Power issue of Gyroscope Review.

D. Dina Friedman (Fiction, January 2016) has a poem, “Zoom Concert” in the Fall 2021 Crone Power issue of Gyroscope Review.

Thato Mwosa (Writing for Stage & Screen, June 2017) is featured in an article in the Boston Globe about her award-winning film Memoirs of a Black Girl, which is now available for viewing digitally at: iTunes, Amazon, Google, PlayXbox, and VUDU; and via cable or satellite at: iN Demand, AT&T, Vubiquity, and DirecTVDish.

Saraciea J. Fennell (Writing for Young People, January 2020) is interviewed about her forthcoming anthology of Latinx stories Wild Tongues Can’t Be Tamed in Teen Vogue.

Cindy Hunter Morgan’s (Poetry, 2016) poem “Dear John James Audubon” has been nominated for Best of the Net by Contrary Magazine.

Boston Gordon’s (Poetry, January 2015) poem “Clinical Assessment of Gender Identity” is featured in the 2021 edition of Best New Poets.

Robbie Gamble’s (Poetry, January 2017) poem “Everything That Rises Must Converge” has been nominated for Best of the Net by Mason Street Review.

Hayley Krischer (Fiction, June 2009) has an article “In Defense of Mean Girls in YA Literature” in Publishers Weekly. She also has a 6-minute interview out with NPR about her new novel, The Falling Girls.

Laurie Foos (Fiction, MFA faculty) has the first chapter from her novel-in-progress, We Who Touched the Stars, appearing in the October 2021 issue of Embark.

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